Catholic Priests Claim Power Over God Himself

“…we find in obedience to the words of his priests – Hoc est Corpus Meum – God Himself descends on the altar, that he comes whenever they call Him; and as often as they call Him, and places Himself in their hands, even though they should be His enemies. And after having come, he remains, entirely at their disposal; they move Him as they please, from one place to another; they may, if they wish, shut Him up in the tabernacle, expose Him on the altar, or carry Him outside the church; they may, if they choose, eat His flesh, and give Him for the food of others. ;Oh how great is their power!’ -The Dignity of the priesthood by Liguori p. 26,27

“…the power of the priest is the power of the divine person; for the transubstantiation of the bread requires as much power as the creation of the world. …thus the priest may be called the creator of the Creator…” -The dignity of the priesthood by Liguori, p. 33

“…the priesthood is the most sublime of al created dignities:… an infinite dignity …an astounding miracle, great, immense, and infinite…exalted…above all celestial heights…” -The dignity of the priesthood, by Liguori

“At the word of a priest, that little piece of bread becomes the body of Christ... Then you give this bread to us,  so that we too might live and become holy…”  “…eucharistic [i.e., cracker] worship is the center and goal of all sacramental life.”  “The encouragement and deepening of the Eucharistic [cracker] worship are proofs of that authentic renewal...Jesus waits for us in this sacrament of love…”  “Adoration of Christ in this Sacrament of love must also find expression in various forms of Eucharistic [cracker] devotion: personal prayer before the Blessed Sacrament [the cracker], hours of adoration, periods of exposition – short, prolonged and annual (Forty Hours) – Eucharistic [cracker] benediction, Eucharistic [cracker] processions, Eucharistic [cracker] Congresses.” –Karol Wojtyla, aka pope John Paul II DOMINICAE CENAE ON THE MYSTERY AND WORSHIP OF THE EUCHARIST February 24, 1980

“I explained that I wanted to give them [Yemen government] sisters, but the trouble was that, without a priest, without Jesus going with them, our sisters couldn’t go anywhere… I was so struck with the thought that ONLY when the priest is there can we have altar and our tabernacle and OUR JESUS. Only the priest can PUT Jesus there for us…Jesus wants to go there, but we cannot bring him unless you first give him to us.”  –Mother Teresa

” you [priests] are called ‘another Christ.’ ” –MOTHER TERESA 
“All the names which are attributed to Christ in Scripture, implying His supremacy over the church, are also attributed to the Pope.” Bellamin, “On the Authority of Councils,” book 2, Chapter 17.

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