The Ministry of Disinformation

Please watch the video above when you have time.

Just in case there is any confusion, every effort to control the speech of the public is a direct attack against God’s people. Satan knows that His time is short and that the Bible we preach exposes him and his man of sin in Rome. Since his time amongst the living is ending, his movements have become more open and obvious.

Now, he has moved his agents in the government to create an official body dedicated to policing “disinformation”. Since the United States is the second beast of Revelation, and this country does everything the first beast of Revelation says, and this first beast has openly declared its hatred for the Bible and God’s people … how else do you think these clampdowns on free speech are going to work?

The Vatican has worked for centuries to enforce her will upon all of mankind. These pushes for suppression of free speech will be coming to a head soon enough. In the near future (now, in fact), be on the lookout for talks regarding the keeping of Sunday … especially in connection with climate change.

And all of this is moving in one direction: the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast.

With free speech still being (more or less) a thing that exists in the world, the enemy of souls cannot enforce his mark without receiving a tremendous amount of pushback. So, what he must do is cause confusion by suppressing the free expression of opinion. Just look at what has happened over social media over the course of the past few years.

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have overwhelmingly censored conservatives. Why? Well, conservatives tend to speak more Biblically accurate things. Don’t get me wrong, however. Whether conservative or liberal, lies are openly declared. Take, for example, the issue of violence. Conservatives tend to say, “Every Christian needs to be proficient in two things: the Bible and guns”. If or when you have the chance, please watch my video about the topic of violence. No matter how you slice it, conservative versus liberal or Republican versus Democrat, they both have the same boss and are simply two sides of the same Vatican coin.

The fact still remains that the conservative side has the role of pushing for Sunday laws while the liberal side has the role of pushing for the Socialist governmental structure which the dying god of this world needs if he is ever going to be able to enforce his counterfeit mark upon mankind.

But a most important step must be taken before anything can happen … the silencing of our voices. Praise the Lord, though, we will shout the truth from the rooftops and declare the coming of the Lord regardless of how much we may lose! Praise the Lord Almighty that we have no fear of death, we have no fear of losing all our possessions, and we have no fear of giving all that we have for our Lord … for He has given His all for us.


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